Anime Streaming Services

Anime Streaming Services – An anime streaming service founded in 2006. It has about 45 million registered anime watchers. started out as a streaming service for fan-subbed videos, a few years later it went legit with some funding and became a legal anime streaming site. One of its first acquisitions was Naruto Shippuden back in 2009. This started a domino effect where they started gaining multiple multi-casts and shows and adding them to their lineup. They are now a majority investor in Viz Media Europe.

AnimeLab -For Australian and New Zealand market, check this site out, it’s a video on demand site which offers tons of Japanese anime shows, it launched 5 years ago in 2014 and has a good catalog of anime.

Funimation – founded on 1994, everyone should know this company as the company that introduced us to our beginner anime series back in the mid-’90s. They started their streaming service in 2016; they have tons of anime to stream from their library.

RetroCrush – A Streaming Anime Site and app that will allow you to watch older anime classics. There are a few hidden gens on retro crush that are really good watch.

Oher Legal Streaming Services

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